Sep 2018

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An Unexpected Adventure with Spottie

Right before leaving high school my senior year I was invited to a college party. This party was going to be taking place right outside freshman dorms of the college I’d be attending in the fall, so there was no question about it, I had to go! After all, it was right by the beach! The people that would be at the party were my fellow colleagues, and if a shy individual like myself was ever going to make friends, I had to start right away.  

That day my closest high school friend and I went to the epic bash. We didn’t know anyone there, and after walking around a few times, we decided it was time to go since we weren’t meeting any new people. Right, when we were about to leave a guy came up to us and asked if we were playing Spottie, I said “No,” and he asked, “why not?”. I couldn’t contain my curiosity, and after reading a bit into it, we decided to just dive in and try it out.  

My friend and I felt the most comfortable playing our first game together. We checked-in to our location and started to play the game. The object of Spottie is to guess who you are getting clues about in a crowd of people. Once you think you spotted the other player, it is up to you to approach that person quickly to receive the maximum amount of points. As clues started to pop up about the other person, our eyes very curiously scavenged our surroundings. We began to make our way around again, frequently checking the step counter in the game to see if we were getting any closer. We were 3 min away from losing the game when we spotted who we were looking for! We went up to him and asked if he was playing Spottie. It was shocking to see how easy it was for a shy person like myself to go up to a total stranger and start a conversation.  

That bash ended up being epic, just as I expected!  We met so many people with completely different personalities. To my surprise, people were buying my profile and showing interest in getting to know more about me.  Spottie is the reason why our social life in college is going to be a completely different experience than high school.   

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