Oct 2018

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College Freshman

College has started now, and the reality of being away from home is setting in. No familiar faces in sight at the breakfast table and my mom is nowhere in sight to tell me to pick up my dirty laundry on the floor. I never thought I would say this, but I miss everything back home!  I’ve never been the type of individual to have a difficult time making new friends so when the opportunity to attend school eight hours away from home was a choice, I took it! I never would’ve thought I would feel this out of place. It seems like everyone keeps to themselves almost like they’re afraid to speak to one another.   

While I was in my dorm, I got a knock on my door and a flyer came sliding in from under the door. It was an invitation to come down and play a mobile game called Spottie. At this point, I had two choices: go down to the social hall and see what it was about or stay in my dorm forever alone.  

I rushed to get dressed into my t-shirt and sweatpants, which lately seem like the appropriate attire for any occasion. When I walked in, people were standing around downloading the application, and answering questions in the app, getting ready to start the first game. I grabbed my free Spottie shirt and made my way towards the crowd. The awkward vibes dissipated as people began to spot the person they were looking for and for the first time in weeks the atmosphere around me was friendly and relaxed! As I talked to my classmates I found that most of them were going through the same exact emotions I was; missing our family and friends back home was just one thing we had in common and Spottie was the perfect icebreaker.  

I'm looking forward to continuously growing my circle with Spottie as the year advances.  

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