Jan 2019

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Do You Find that Making Friends as an Adult is Difficult?

Long gone are the days of being friends with someone because you have the slightest thing in common with them; like being in the same class or living in the same neighborhood. Throughout the years we have all been through several friendship circles. Making friends at a young age was as simple as saying hi to someone and starting to hang out from that moment. Now, fast forward to adulthood and things are not so simple anymore. Making new friends later in life can feel like a task almost like keeping the remaining friends you do have.

Staying in contact with friends should not be seen as a job, but in reality with all the other hats you have to juggle, it becomes one! We are all so busy and coordinating schedules with friends is difficult - but it is not impossible. In order to stay in contact with friends, you must make it a priority. Make plans ahead of time and stick to them. Bailing on friends will not only further distance the relationship, but it also has the potential to damage it. Some common interests you once had may no longer reign true. You may pick up new hobbies that do not interest your current friends. In this instance, new friends could do you some justice. Meeting new friends can be intimidating and daunting but it doesn’t have to be.  

Do you remember going to the park as a child and leaving having made two new friends? You didn’t go to the park with the intention of making friends, but you did, and this often happened where ever you went as a child. Meeting friends is still that simple, adults just overthink it. Making new friends is as easy as starting a friendly conversation and extending an invitation for a drink, dinner or to attend an event. The initial ripping off of the band-aid and opening your mouth to speak is the hardest part. Many people have the same thoughts as you, they are open to meet new friends but have no clue how or where. The where is as simple as the how. Make it a point to meet people with similar interests as you, like the person that sits next to you in yoga, or the person you often see at your favorite café, maybe even the person going after the same dress as you in that boutique you love. At your next gathering make it a point to mingle with people that you don’t already know.

So, the days of being able to make friends with someone easily aren’t long gone. And you aren’t doomed to losing the friends you already have to the responsibilities of adulthood. Cheers to new friendships and rekindling the ones you have. 

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