May 2018

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Enhance Your Social Experience with Spottie

It happens to be one of those days when you're bored, sitting at home and looking for some adventure, but you’re unable to find friends nearby. You ask, "How can I meet people near me?" We've got your answer—Spottie!

What's Spottie?

Spottie is a simple and fun game that helps you meet new friends while getting over the sitting-around blues. When you play the game, you’ll enhance your social networking experience. Show off your sleuthing skills: check-in, follow the clues, and spot someone right in front of you or even a block away… Or will you be spotted first? Meet new friends, discover new places and enjoy the adventure! All you need to do to spot someone is use hints that narrow the field of Spottie players around you. If you are successful in your quest then voila, you’ve made new connections and earned rewards!

What You Need to Know:

Spottie is suitable for adults interested in making connections of any kind. The creative and interactive game Spottie is quite easy to play!

Spottie Gives You an Opportunity To:

  • Show off your investigative skills by spotting friends and meeting new people
  • Make in-app phone calls, send messages, and share profiles
  • Take and edit your pictures using the Spottie camera and filters
  • Get more face-to-face interactions
  • Build networking relationships, and much more

As an added bonus, you have the option to send gifts to your new friends using in-app purchases.

Break your monotonous routine get off that couch and go mingle! Spottie is a fun guess-who game that opens your social circle to new people, places and experiences!

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