May 2018

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Friends Having Families & Nearly Eliminating Their Social Lives

As you’ve gotten older, you’ve probably noticed more and more of your friends starting families and gradually not wanting to hang out as often. They are likely to prioritize spending their nights and weekends surrounded by family instead of their friends. But if you’re not at that point in life then it can seem like they’re bailing on you or that they’re no longer as fun as they used to be. Maybe it’s time to expand your friends list and try meeting new people who are in the same stage of life as you are. When your old friends are busy with their families, why not pick up your phone, play Spottie, and start finding some new friends nearby

Once you download Spottie, simply answer a few questions, check into your location and start Spotting potential friends all around you! As a location-based social application, Spottie allows you to meet people in your usual hangout places you otherwise might have never talked to! Whether you’re finding or being found, Spottie is a fun, interactive game that encourages players to meet new people while earning rewards in the process! By putting players face-to-face, Spottie allows you to make new connections just about anywhere!

If you’re interested in staying in contact with players you’ve met through the game, our in-app messaging, calling, and video chatting features makes this effortless. With Spottie you only share as much information about yourself as you feel comfortable with. You also have the option to customize your Spottie profile with personalized pictures using Spottie’s camera and various filter options. If you're feeling generous, why not send your new friends one of our many in-app gifts?! Just follow Spottie's motto: “Play! Spot! Win!” and you’re sure to make new friends in no time! And when your old friends can finally come out, you can introduce them to your new Spottie friends and allow them to join in on the fun!

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