May 2018

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Friends Leaving You Behind For College?

Graduating high school is an exhilarating time for everyone! It’s the moment most students dream about – beginning their Freshman year of College. Most of your classmates have been excitedly talking about what college they plan to attend and how they can’t wait to leave. But maybe you’ve decided not to go away for college? You could be going somewhere locally, or perhaps college just wasn’t for you? There are countless reasons why you plan to stay behind. It may seem as though most of your friends are leaving you to start a new chapter in their life. And let’s face it, you could always meet new friends at your job or new school but that’s not a always a guarantee. Don't worry we have the solution for you! With Spottie you're bound to make new friends in no time!

Feeling left behind is never fun but with Spottie, a social networking game reminiscent of “Guess Who”, you’ll soon feel as if you’ve started your own adventure. Spottie is centered around its players making new connections and maybe even finding old friends! Start making connections by downloading the free Spottie app, answering a few questions and then checking in to your location. Now you can either follow the descriptive hints you’re given to search for other Spottie players or you can accept the invite and simply wait for them to find you! Once you Spot each other, both players will earn points and climb higher on the leaderboard after scanning their QR code. If you happen to find someone you find interesting, you can always send them a friend request and purchase their profile! Staying in contact is a breeze using the built-in features such as messaging, calling and video-chat! Unlike most socializing and meet-up apps, Spottie is a social networking app that gives people a casual, modern way to find friends anywhere they go! So, when your old friends are busy with their new school, pick up your phone and play Spottie!

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