Jun 2018

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Get Connected!

It’s an odd feeling in college when you come back from break, hit up your usual hangout spot on the weekend expecting to run into friends you haven’t seen in a while, only to realize it’s full of faces you’ve never seen before. At one point in time you probably felt like everywhere you turned you at least recognized a couple people, but now it seems as if you’re surrounded by strangers.

Either all of your old friends graduated, transferred or maybe they just decided to stay in that night. Every passing year it probably seems as if more people familiar faces disappear and you’re forced to expand your social circle. Sure, you probably still know a few people but it’s not the same. With Spottie, you can easily turn those foreign faces into new-found friends!

Unlike most socializing and meet-up apps, Spottie is a social networking game that gives people a casual, modern way to find friends wherever you happen to be and explore new places! Designed to get people interacting and face-to-face again, Spottie allows you to connect with people all around that you otherwise might not have met! Finding new friends is as simple as answering a few questions, checking into your location and searching for other Spottie users all around you! Simply follow the descriptive hints you’re given to find other players in your area and earn points by scanning their QR code.

By allowing users to find each other in a fun and interactive way, meeting new people becomes a piece of cake! If you happen to click with someone you Spot, you can send them a friend request and stay in contact using Spottie’s built-in messaging, calling and video-chatting features. The best time to meet new people is when you’re already out having fun, so why not try Spottie and find more friends! Just follow Scottie’s motto: Play! Spot! Win! And you’re sure to meet some new friends ready paint the town red!

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