Aug 2018

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Just Like The Good Old Days

When talking to my grandparents and their friends about how they met it is always the same story, “We went to school together” or “We lived closed by”. When dating or getting to know someone it was usually from the same community they were from. Communities where everyone knew each other, and therefore disrespect and unkindness were not usual.

This has changed with the technology we have today. The internet now plays a big part in how we make connections. Because these connections are made through a screen, it’s hard to read the person on the other end. Spottie is taking us back to the times where connections were made face-to-face, to the times where we would look into each other’s eyes while having deep conversations. Spottie has the best of both worlds: today's cutting-edge technology and yesterday’s interaction. What kind of connections will you make with Spottie?

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