Feb 2019

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How Many Words is That Picture Worth?

When interacting with someone online you never truly know who you are talking to. People conceal their true identities in many ways. There are those that blatantly “catfish” others with false information and pictures. Then there are subtle catfish that trick unsuspecting victims with little white lies. The photos they present may be them, but they leave out the fact it is them 5 years ago, or 60 lbs. lighter. Both culprits have different reasons as to why they began to catfish in the first place. The reason generally leads to a sense of insecurity with being themselves. This insecurity leads to finding comfort or even happiness by allowing them the benefit of pretending to be someone they aren’t.

With the immense marketing we see online and in real life many people feel pressured to measure up to attractive models and luxurious lifestyles. Photo modifying apps and editing programs make these falsehoods easy to sell. Many people judge with their eyes and the ‘catfishers’ reap the benefits by only presenting their most attractive, vamped up photos. When interacting online, a lot of what you have to go off of is strictly what’s on the surface. For example, you do not have the luxury of small talk and introductions. As we all know looks are not the best indicator of a match made in heaven. Yet, we achieve our perception on people online strictly by how their photos look. Your attraction to someone can, and usually does change depending on the personalities, experiences and the conversations you have with them. 

Attraction is not solely based on physical attributes. There is an array of other things that decipher an attraction. Relying strictly on looks may lead you to all the wrong people. Anyone who has taken a chance on someone they weren’t initially fond of can attest that attraction can grow. When it comes to getting to know someone online you must be cautious. Catfishing is tricky and getting to know someone online in spite of real photos is a struggle. Let’s be real, superficiality doesn’t help because people are often very different than the picture you paint in your head, and how they actually present themselves.  

Iinsha LLC has tossed this catfishing epidemic back into the waters and created the ultimate way to meet new people, for whatever purpose that may be, by playing a fun and interactive mobile game. This game will put you face to face in front of other players before ever seeing a picture of what they may or may not look like. The advantage of meeting in person, before talking online, is that it takes us back to the good ole days when meeting people and making friends were simpler and much more genuine!   

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