May 2018

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How to Improve Social Networking with Spottie

Social networks are an important part of our daily lives. It keeps us connected to people in our community and around the world. Social networks are full and rich with the company of others. With the world being mobile these days, we find ourselves moving away to other cities, joining new groups or just looking to connect with others who have similar interests. How we connect and stay connected is a lot different now than it was 10 years ago. Social discovery apps such as Spottie makes it easy to find friends and meet people near you.

What is a Social Network?

Take a look at your interactions with others—your classmates, your co-workers, or your sports buddies.

Whether your relationships are online or face to face, it is still the social network that connects you to others. This network can be just a few close friends or a large and varied group of people that you connect with through different interests or beliefs. Regardless of the number of people you connect with, these are still the ones who make up an important part of your life.

How do you Meet New Friends as you Maneuver Through Life?

It is likely your social circle will change over time. Those you were closest to in kindergarten are unlikely to stay connected with you as you go to college. Your social network changes because you and your life change. You grow, develop and, if you are lucky, you will have a social network that will evolve with you.

So, the big question is, "How do you continue to develop a network of friends who will enrich your life as you change and evolve?" If you have the social graces of a prince, it is easy. But for the rest of us, we probably need a little help to meet people nearby.  

Spottie, the new socializing app, helps you break the ice to meet people near you. You can easily find a friend because you know that the other person has the Spottie app and is looking to find friends too.

How can Spottie, the Spot Me app, help you find friends?

If you look at people who have a large social network, you will notice three things:

  1. Their friends list is varied and engages many aspects of their lives: church, work, college, sports, political and social beliefs. 
  2. They know how to meet people and stay connected with them 
  3. They understand the importance of staying connected with current friends while meeting new people to bring into their social circle. 

In effect, these people are masters of social discovery. And you can borrow some tips from their playbook to build your own social network.

How to use Spottie?

So, what are some ways to use Spottie to get you the connections you have always wanted? How do you build your confidence to be the first to reach out, meet a new friend and engage them socially?

  1. Location, location, location: Do what you love and then use your Spottie app to meet people nearby. If you’re at a soccer game, see who else is there that also uses the Spottie app. You already have two things in common--the love of soccer and the desire to make new friends.
  2. Go for the potluck approach: Sometimes life throws us curve balls and you just have to go with it. Seize the moment and turn it into a serendipitous event. If you are dropping in to your local coffee shop and don't want to sit there alone, get your Spottie app to help you find someone who wants to chat over coffee too.  
  3. On a mission: Sometimes your efforts to meet new friends becomes one of necessity. We all know those who are good at socializing have the best grasp of what is going on around them. If you are new to a job or campus, you understand the need to find and make new friends. These connections can serve you well in getting seen and in some cases protecting you from committing an avoidable faux pas. So check-in to Spottie, and get started making connections where it counts.

Get out there and mingle. Get your social discovery engine racing. Meet new friends nearby with Spottie.

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