Jul 2018

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The Movement is Inevitable

I was invited to a pre-release party for a new application called Spottie, and I was lured into the “Spottie Movement” immediately. I was intrigued, not only on the functionality of it, but also on the social impact this application will have on our communities. I looked around, as I was walking in and noticed the people that were invited were not my usual colleagues. This group was very diverse, from race to body type to age. We had received the beta version a day prior, and after a quick introduction to Spottie, we were given free range to play. Spottie ultimately gives you the opportunity to initiate a conversation with other Spottie players.

I stood in the background as everyone started to play and the picture that was painted was a beautiful one. I witnessed how everyone interacted with one another, and even though everyone was different, the collective conscious was one of acceptance and tolerance. I couldn’t help but imagine this scenario in our local groceries stores and coffee shops. A community where we look up from our phones long enough to start a conversation or smile towards each other.

After playing a game or two, I was more than convinced that the creators of Spottie knew precisely what today's society needed creating an interactive socializing game like this one. This application has the potential to bring communities together and spark up conversations we normally wouldn't be having. I’m very thankful I got to experience this night full of love and diversity and I cannot wait for Spottie to be available in the app store.

"Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life." -John Lennon

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