Jan 2019

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Introverts and Extroverts...Who Are You?

Generally, people fall into one of two categories. You are either more of an extrovert or an introvert. Extroverts are energized by socializing in large groups and going out. Introverts are the opposite and recharge by spending time alone. Unsure where you fall? Read the next few scenarios to determine if you’re an introvert or extrovert.

You’re assigned a group project at work and…

    a. You have already drafted a plan and are assigning tasks to the group 

    b. You are listening to your coworkers’ ideas before contributing yours

Your friends ask you to go out on a Friday night…

    a. You have already picked out your outfit before ending the phone call

    b. You have to think twice because Netflix and ice cream sound really good

Friendsgiving is planned…

    a. At your place every year because you love to host

    b. At a close friends’ house with your close-knit crew

Your friend canceled weekend hangout plans last minute…

    a. You are devasted and scrambling to make new plans

    b. You are happy because the work week has been long

You get FOMO, or “Fear of Missing Out”…

    a. Always. You cannot stand to be left out

    b. Rarely. It doesn’t bother you to miss an event here or there

When going to the mall…

    a. You have to call your bestie aka favorite shopping pal to tag along

    b. You are completely content going solo

Meeting new people is…

    a. Exciting and you do it often

    b. Awkward at times and generally avoided

A weekend in, sounds like…

    a. A waste of a weekend

    b. A relaxing unwinding to your week

Your friend suggests going on a yoga retreat with them you are…

    a. Delighted to work on your flexibility and meet new people

    b. Hesitant to spend a weekend with dozens of strangers in vulnerable poses

While out at the bar your crush asks you to sing a karaoke duet with them…

    a. You are already choosing the song

    b. You take an impulsive bathroom break to get out of it

You move to a new city and to meet new friends you…

    a. Go to many local events and festivals

    b. Build friendships online in local reddit forums

If you answered mainly A’s, you are an extrovert. As an extrovert you are very outgoing and seek connections with many different people. Extroverts are very expressive and tend to be the center of attention. Extroverts enjoy being in social settings and do not like to spend much time alone. Time spent with others provides energy to extroverts and they enjoy meeting new people. Extroverts can be described as impulsive and risk takers.

If you answered mostly B’s, you are an introvert. As an introvert you are more to yourself and enjoy your alone time. Introverts tend to recharge by refraining from socializing and rather stay out of the spotlight. Introverts value hanging with close friends opposed to a larger group. Introverts work well in solitude and do not need other people around to feel satisfied. Introverts can be described as independent and risk averse.  

Whether you are extrovert or introvert, you’re awesome. One trait isn’t superior to the other and we all have our pros and cons. Self-awareness can provide us all insight on ourselves and areas of growth. Extroverts and introverts unite!  

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