May 2018

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Looking to Have Fun After Finishing Exams?

Finally! You’ve finished all your exams and now you’re ready to blow off some steam. As the most stressful part of college, finishing your exams can feel as if a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders! But what to do!? Maybe your friends haven’t finished their exams yet and they want to wait until next weekend to go out? You don’t want to stay inside doing nothing when you could be out partying! You’ve worked hard all semester and now is the time to enjoy your break. With Spottie you can easily find more friends that you can celebrate with!  

Unlike most socializing and meet-up apps, Spottie is a social networking game that gives people a casual, modern way to find friends all while exploring new places! By putting players face-to-face, Spottie allows you to make connections you might not have come across otherwise. This is perfect for when your friends can't make it out but you still want something to do.

To embark on this new journey with Spottie, simply check-in to your location and wait for people to find you, or take the initiative and search for others! Once you find one another you will be prompted to scan each other’s QR code. If you hit it off or would just like to have a new friend, you can send them a friend request and stay in contact using the built-in messaging, calling and video-chatting features.

Once you become friends on Spottie, you will have the option to buy their profile and learn more about your newfound friend. Personalize your Spottie profile using the various emojis, avatars & a wide selection of filters for your personal pictures. Celebrate finishing your exams by going out and having a good time playing Spottie. Just follow Spotties motto, Play! Spot! Win! And you’re sure to meet some new friends ready for a great time!

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