Oct 2018

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Making New Friends With Spottie!

Moving from a small town to a big city for college was intimidating, mainly because now I was alone and on my own for the first time. This was a significant change because I’m so used to having family and good friends around. At first, I didn’t notice how much I missed them because I was busy moving into my new apartment and getting everything ready for school. I was constantly busy and there was so much to do so I didn’t have the time to sit and think. It wasn’t until I was all settled in that it hit me! I was living my dream of being independent and in college. I never imagined that I would miss everyone back home this much. The next few weeks were rather eye-opening. I realized I didn’t know how to make friends anymore, and my shy personality didn’t help the situation at all.  

The following weeks seemed to go the same until one of my classmates came up to me and asked me if I was playing Spottie. I had never heard of it before, so I asked what it was and she explained that Spottie is an app that allows players to make new connections and maybe even friends by simply answering a few questions and then checking in to your location. Then, you can either follow the descriptive hints you’re given to search for other Spottie players or you can accept a game invite and wait for them to find you! Once you Spot each other, both players will earn points and climb  the leaderboard after scanning their QR code. If you happen to find someone interesting, you can always send them a friend request and purchase their profile! 

This article is brought to you by Iinsha, LLC, a global mobile applications company based out of Houston, TX. Spottie is an original and exciting social networking application, that was created with the intention of getting players all around the world to interact face-to-face and make genuine, real-life connections on the go. This thrilling interactive game allows users to connect by encouraging them to get up, look for other players, and socialize! For more information please visit www.spottie.com or contact us at customerservice@iinshaapps.com.