Jun 2018

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All your Friends are Coupled up (Wanting to meet single friends)

It’s finally Friday night and you're excited to hit up the town with your friends! But then you remember last Friday and how all your friends seemed to be coupled up, leaving you as the ultimate third wheel. Most of your friends have found a significant other and have slowed down on the weekend, while you just want to have fun, and are trying to stay away from getting too involved because the last time things didn’t go so well.

So now the only thing that will save your weekends is to make new, single friends! But where do you start? Making friends back in high school was so easy, you were practically forced to spend time together in classes and sports, so naturally you hung out all the time. Outside of school, all it took was a smile and you guys were instantly friends, but things have changed and making new friends is more difficult. Now-a-days it seems people are constantly looking at their cell-phones and usually don't seem interested in making new connections.

Fear not! We have a solution for you! Download Spottie and start making new friends! Spottie is an interactive game that brings to life the boardgame “Guess Who” and “Where’s Waldo”. After answering a few questions about yourself, just check in to your location and start playing! You will be provided with a set of hints about who you’re looking for and once you find them, you will be prompted to scan their QR code.

The less time it takes you to find them the more points you both earn. If you hit it off, you can stay connected with them by sending them a friend request and if you want to know more about them you can always buy their profile. Staying in touch with them is easy with Spottie’s calling, messaging and video features. You only need to share as much information about yourself as you feel comfortable, and Spottie’s privacy features are easy to manage. Spottie’s camera and various filter options allow you to customize your Spottie profile with personalized pictures.

Show your newfound friends how much you appreciate them by sending them a gift from Spottie’s gift center! With Spottie, you will be making new single friends in no time! Get Spottie! Get Discovered! Get Connected!

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