May 2018

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Starting College & Meeting New Friends copy

Starting College & Meeting New Friends

As summer break comes to a close and your college move in date creeps ever closer, like most incoming freshmen you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by sense of anxiety. “What if I don’t make any friends” is almost certainly something you’ve been worrying about over the summer break. It’s understandable considering you’re about to leave behind everything familiar; your friends, your family, your home and move somewhere completely foreign. How do you even begin to make friends? Finding anything on a college campus can be incredibly difficult when you’re first starting but with Spottie finding friends somewhere unfamiliar is simple!

Created with the intention of allowing users to make genuine connections, Spottie is the perfect mobile application for starting college. By allowing users to find each other in a fun and interactive way, meeting new people on campus is a piece of cake! After downloading the app and creating a profile, simply check into your location on campus & start meeting other students nearby! Follow the descriptive hints you’re given to find other players in your area and earn points by scanning their QR code.

Alternatively, you can also earn points by accepting other players offers to find you. If you happen to meet someone interesting and you would like to become friends, you can always buy their profile to learn more about them. If you’re interested in staying in contact with players you’ve met through the game, our in-app messaging, calling, & video chatting features makes that a breeze. You only need to share as much information about yourself as you feel comfortable. Show how much your newfound friends mean to you by sending them in-app gifts and possibly even receiving gifts in return.

As an app centered around its players connecting and building (fostering) new relationships, Spottie is perfect for trying to meet new people. Start your college experience on the right foot by using Spottie to make lifelong connections before school even begins! Just follow Spotties motto; Play! Spot! Win! And you’re sure to make new friends in no time!

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