May 2018

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Meeting up with Friends After Work

Finally, it's 5 o'clock! Work is finally over, happy hour is just beginning, and you've been thinking about margaritas all day! But maybe you don't know your coworkers well enough to invite them out; or even if you do, they just want to go home after work! Either way, they don’t want to hit up the local bar with you when happy-hour rolls around - but that is not going to stop you from having a good time after a long week! You make it to happy hour, but you notice everyone around you seems to be with their co-workers or friends and you start to feel awkward drinking alone. This is the moment when Spottie comes in handy!

With Spottie it doesn't matter where you are, meeting new people has never been easier! Simply download the free Spottie app, answer a few questions and after checking-in to your location, you’re ready to start Spotting! Spottie will provide you with some hints about the other player’s appearance and attire, and it is your goal to find them before the time runs out! If you find them before the 10-minute mark you will be prompted to scan the other player’s QR code and you both will earn points instantly.

However, if your time is running out, you can always add more time by purchasing 2 additional minutes with your coins! If you happen to meet someone amusing at happy hour as a result of playing Spottie, keeping in touch is easy with the in-app messaging, calling and video-chatting features. Then, the next time your coworkers bail on you for happy hour, you can call up your new Spottie friends or if they cannot make it you can always use Spottie to meet some more interesting people! Just remember Spotties motto; Play! Spot! Win! and you’re sure to find new friends after-work in no time!

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