Apr 2018

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Discover the New Way to Socialize Using Spottie

If you’re a shy person by nature, not an extrovert and definitely not at ease in large groups, then this Spottie guide is for you. Life is all about being confident, and confidence is the key to social interactions. Spottie will help you with the process of meeting new people and getting you connected. 

Follow our 5 simple ways to help you socialize with ease:

1) Explore more:

Exploring can be a bit scary at first, especially when you’re in a new city. Use a good map to guide you after installing Spottie, our fun location-based game. Check-in and wait for people to find you, or take the initiative and search for others! Let Spottie get you connected with locals that can give you tips on getting to know your new surroundings.

2) Hangout and socialize:

Meet with your friends and explore! Let Spottie connect you with new friends while hanging out with your old friends. Meet over a casual cup of coffee and if you hit it off, why not share dinner with your new friends? Now you have an expanding network of buddies to hang out with.

3) Get to know your co-workers:

Your new job may be exciting and we know that networking at the office is a critical part of success. Spottie can break the ice to make those new connections with other coworkers. By playing with other colleagues, you might just get invited to social events at the office or after work. So, start your office networking with Spottie and build work relationships in no time!

4) Find others with similar interests:

Spottie is a great way to meet people near you that share the same interests. Signing up for book clubs or the gym can not only expand your interests but can also help connect you with others. Spottie allows you to meet people nearby who have common interests and can give you advice on activities in your area. And before you know it, you have built a network of friends using Spottie.

5) Get closer:

Say you’ve met a new friend that you’re interested in spending more time with, how do you break through to the next level? By purchasing their Spottie profile, you can learn more about them and their likes. Using the message, call, and video chat features, you can easily ask them out.

Spottie helps you meet people nearby that could become your closest friends and make connections that can fill your social calendar with great activities. Let Spottie start you on your way to getting connected.

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