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Play Spottie at Events and Make New Friends

If you get bored at events then you’re doing it wrong. Here’s how to make social connections and meet new friends while having a good time.

We all know networking is important to excel in life, but it can be incredibly hard. We are all busy in our monotonous life, having too many responsibilities; working late hours; not enjoying our time with family and friends the way we should. Who has time to make new friends at social events, hangouts and parties?

Too often, we forget that our lives can be more joyful. Being bored at an event is a sign that you're not enjoying your life the way you should; it’s a sign you should make a change in your life. The best way to engage yourself is to share ideas, make connections, and simultaneously enjoy the rewards that you gain. Likewise, if you can find a way to try something different and fun, it will encourage more people to come to you.

Here are four techniques to make your events more fun for everyone and make new friends as you play Spottie

Start A Conversation:

Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert by personality, striking up a conversation can be hard for anyone especially when you enter a room full of people you don't know. Initiating a conversation can create a more welcoming space to engage people and make new friends. Spottie helps you connect and meet people near you.

Breaking Stereotypes:

A lot of times when trying to meet new people, you can find others hanging out with groups with similar interests. Due to preconceived stereotypes people will assume they do not want to mingle outside of their group. While this is expected and happens at most gatherings, the best way to socialize at events is to mingle. You can meet new connections regardless of your age, gender, race or any other demographic difference because the magical part of making new friends is that you focus on welcoming everybody. Spottie allows you to meet people around you and find friends nearby.

Open Yourself Up:

Don’t get yourself cornered at an event and make it challenging for outsiders to start a conversation. Don’t be a stranger it's always better to open up and be welcomed. Take out Spottie to meet people near you and make new friends as you click.

Focus on Fun:

Too often, we think of bringing success and change in our lives. But perhaps what's more important is to ask ourselves how can we make it more fun?

Think about the social activities you do purely for pleasure. What events or places do you like to go? Some people like to enjoy the beautiful weather and others like to spend time in deep conversation with people which they feel a connection. Interestingly these are the small things that matter in life.  

For example, if you are not a baseball fan you would not go to a baseball game to enjoy your day. Likewise, if you like cooking, think about places to integrate that into your networking and how you can find people around you and make new friends.

Could you turn an art opening into a networking opportunity to make new friends who share your interest? With Spottie that’s always a possibility.

In this busy world, there are countless ways to make new friends. But the best way is about to hit app stores near you. Use Spottie to network with interesting people and share your hobbies.

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