Apr 2018

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Play Spottie while hanging out with friends

Well, we've all been there. You exchange messages with friends, trying to find a time to meet up nearby. Then others want to come and so the cycle of finding a time and place to meet starts all over. The rigors of getting everyone together takes all the fun out of meeting and you begin to feel like the social secretary for a CEO.

But what if you had a way to create a casual, spontaneous meet up and let those who are available join you?  With Spottie you can contact friends nearby and, in the process, find new friends.  Or you can let others spot you for a new connection.

If you are feeling a bit bold, you could try casting your net into the pond of Spottie users to see what you can catch.

Hangouts, meetups, and other social gatherings are strategic ways to improve and develop one's socializing capabilities. Finding a place for group meet-ups is always challenging.  Sometimes a dictatorial approach is required. So, suggest a meet-up at your local coffee shop and see who shows up.  You will likely spot your friends and if you’re lucky you’ll make new Spottie connections.

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