Apr 2018

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Play Spottie While You Work-Out

Perhaps your New Year’s resolution was to exercise more but you failed to find yourself the right gym partner, a good gym or the perfect routine to pump yourself up. Fear no more, the Spottie app is here to help you find friends that share common interests.  

While exercising, jogging and working out will always take effort, adding a little creativity will make it more enjoyable. Spottie is a fun social experience that enhances your exercise routine.

Fun new way to meet friends nearby:

The gamification of Spottie makes working out more fun by offering an incentive to meet new people and make new friends. Spottie offers rewards as you get yourself connected. Use the social check-in where you work-out to spot a friend or potential work-out buddy.

Get rewards as you play:

Get creative about leveling up and earn points by checking in at different types of locations. As simple as it sounds, it can help you meet friends who share the same passion as you do. No one knows you better than yourself, so choose a rewards strategy that best suits your lifestyle.

Play the game:

There are ways you can exercise and play on your phone at the same time. You just open the Spottie app, put on your favorite soundtrack and check-in at your location. We guarantee you will discover friendships and make new connections as you enjoy your workout session.

Compete and make friends:

We all know it is tough to get in shape without motivation. Exercise routines are much easier to maintain with a friend, especially one who can assist you with your training routine. Some days when you don't feel like exercising, your new friends can help you, and when your friends are lacking motivation, you can return the favor. This kind of partnership can help you stay with your routine.

Every workout routine can bring a new set of hurdles that can be overcome with the right assortment of friends. There are times when you meet people who thrive on competition and there are others who are intimidated by it. Make sure to choose wisely.

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