Aug 2018

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Are You Playing Spottie?

The first time someone asked me “Are you playing Spottie?” I was thrilled to have completed my first game! And even more excited when that simple question turned into a deep conversation. While conversing with my new friend, we discussed the importance of being open and kind while playing a game like Spottie, and this is what I got from our discussion;

Meeting someone for the first time can make anyone nervous but when you play Spottie people will be more mentally prepared because they are expecting to be approached. We both agreed that people are more likely to be friendly towards someone if they smile. The more comfortable you make someone feel the more likely you are to get a friendly response from them. When starting a conversation ask the other person something about themselves but try not to get too personal, as this is your first-time meeting.

Keep in mind that there's no wrong way to meet new people but let’s keep an open mind and be kind to one another, and finally, be yourself! When you come across as confident and at ease you set the tone for a relaxed and enjoyable environment! Everyone's life journey is different but we all share the need for kindness and equality. So, what are you waiting for! Are you playing Spottie?

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