Apr 2018

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Spot Someone Using Spottie

Spottie is all about networking and socializing with new people. The best time to meet new people is when you’re already out and about with your friends. 

To use Spottie, you just sign up, create a profile and answer a few questions. You are ready to go. Each of your friends will have their own profile, and each can chat with more Spottie users as they play the interactive game. Ultimately Spottie’s hints will lead them to connect with the player they are looking for and scan their QR code.

Spottie was not developed as a conventional meet-up app. Instead, it was designed to introduce people with the option of staying in contact. It is a casual way to meet new friends and to see what common interests you share. It is a fun way to meet a new coffee buddy, someone to attend a beloved charity event or a new campus friend for a study group. Spottie is designed to help you break the ice, make new friends and foster friendships.  

Spottie's easy approach to casual meet ups is demand-free to exploring the interests of others to see if you really have any common interests. If you don't then you can move on without much time being invested. But if you hit it off with someone then you can begin a true friendship that all started with spotting them through Spottie.

Spottie’s social check-in lasts for 24 hours. During that time, you can make new connections by finding players around you.

Furthermore, if you meet new friends, Spottie helps you stay connected through its internal chat feature. This will help you learn more about your new friend and plan additional meetings.

So, enhance your social circle and meet new friends. Reach out and add some adventure as you meet new people near you. Use Spottie to make acquaintances that just may become lifelong friends.

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