Oct 2018

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Spottie Faculty Meeting

This school year our principal has made it a priority to bring all of us teachers and faculty closer. We understand the importance of working together as a unit to achieve all of our goals for the year. Part of my job as the counselor is to help our principal plan all faculty meetings. Our principal is a unique individual always looking for innovating ways to help the staff and students. This year for our New Faculty, Meet and Greet, he introduced a free mobile app named Spottie! As we arrived to the meeting, we were given a piece of paper with instructions on how to download Spottie from our app store whether iOS or Play Store, answer the start-up questions, and get familiar with the application. The instructions also contained two rules:

1. Have fun!

2. Introduce yourself to everyone you Spot

The meeting started and after a few welcoming words from our principal we all started to play! We all walked around trying to figure out who we were getting hints about. It was nice to see all of our teachers laughing and interacting with new staff members. When a teacher would find who she was looking for, everyone around them would start cheering! As time went by and everyone found each other it was great to see that our staff had engaged so well with one another!

Spottie helped ease the social anxieties of the new teachers and also helped to create a positive atmosphere for the rest of the year!

This article is brought to you by IINSHA, LLC, a global mobile applications company based out of Houston, TX. Spottie is an original and exciting social networking application, that was created with the mission to bringing people face-to-face one game at a time! This thrilling interactive game allows users to connect by encouraging them to get up, look for other players, and socialize! For more information please visit www.spottie.com or contact us at customerservice@iinshaapps.com.