May 2018

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Spottie a Fun New Location-Based Game

Location-based games are a fairly new phenomenon to hit the market but those like Pokémon GO and multicultural Ingress community are already buzzing with millions of players of their own.

Our childhood was spent playing games such as Capture the flag, Hide and seek and Marco Polo. These were the early location-based games that brought hours of fun back when we were kids. Before long, hours were spent in front of gaming consoles and the only location you played was in your living room. Now, there is a shift in the mobile app industry as innovative mobile games combine the real and virtual worlds.

These social discovery games can be a great fit for marketers looking to connect and seek more customers. Buildings, logos, and goods can all be included in the location based gaming environment through image recognition, barcode scanning, or geolocation tagging. Such features add more attraction to social discovery apps. Players can check in to locations, and scan products that are integrated through QR or barcodes. These codes can offer virtual goods, like real-time and manufacturer promotions on deals around you.

Location-based gaming is a market that is poised to grow exponentially. It's a convergence of mobile technology and interest in gaming that has lead to a new era of mobile games. The gaming world is becoming a cultural revolution that happens to be an extremely lucrative industry.

According to an independent survey conducted by the digital marketing firm eMarketer, it is estimated that 43% of mobile users in 2015 had a smartphone. Now, in 2018, 77% of American’s own a smartphone. This has definitely lead to a significant increase in mobile gaming.  

All it takes is one breakout success and the market will be booming with more innovative games. Marketers and investors should look for trending games to partner with rather than creating their own since building a player base from scratch is complicated. It is always better to think about how these partnerships can enhance the gaming experience, rather than neglect them.

The market is ready for the right game to peek the gamers interest by combining the real and virtual worlds. Spottie will revolutionize the gaming industry as many other successful gaming apps have done in the past.

Spottie happens to be a location-based social networking game where you can earn rewards by playing the fun & interactive game while getting yourself connected with people nearby.

We are not far from a new generation of gamers racing to the app store to boost their social experiences. This presents a valuable opportunity for marketers, developers, and gamers to focus on enhancing the emotional and social connections of their audiences.

Brace yourself for the next big thing to hit mobile gaming as Spottie releases for Android and iPhone users.

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