Sep 2018

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Spottie! The New Social Networking Game

Houston, TX September 6, 2018 – Spottie, the mobile application with the tagline "Find People. Socialize. And Win," announced the launch of its location-based app that connects people by playing an interactive game.

Spottie uses check-ins to create a social network at any location, where people can interact and get connected with others in real time.  

“Spottie will first launch in the US where it plans to engage users in public places such as restaurants, sporting events, colleges and more in the upcoming months,” said Sameer Hussein, CEO and co-founder of Spottie.

Social Networking apps are certainly not new. Most of them allow users to connect with others around them under specific requirements such as dating, chatting or checking in to a particular place.  Regardless of which platform the user visits, the experience remains the same.

Spottie plans to grow its check-in database of local markets, public places, concerts, stadiums, etc." Spottie users can check-in within a limited radius of approximately 820 feet around their current location. When they check-in through the Spottie app it enables them to instantly connect with other players, challenging them to interact face-to-face.

As you play the interactive socializing game, you will be able to discover and spot other players, scan their QR code, win points and have the opportunity to become friends. 

Through Spottie, you have a shot at meeting new and interesting people nearby who can eventually become your new friends. The app is free to install and is currently available for iOS and Android users as a beta version.

This article is brought to you by Iinsha, LLC, a global mobile applications company based out of Houston, TX. Spottie is an original and exciting social networking application, that was created with the intention of getting players all around the world to interact face-to-face and make genuine, real-life connections on the go. This thrilling interactive game allows users to connect by encouraging them to get up, look for other players, and socialize! For more information please visit www.spottie.com or contact us at customerservice@iinshaapps.com.