May 2018

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I See You! Spotting Someone with Spottie App

Have you ever missed a party that you wanted to attend? Missing out on your chance to meet people and make new friends? Or see someone out and about that you thought would be interesting to talk to but they vanished before you got a chance to introduce yourself?

Now you have a new and fun way to make connections. With Spottie all you have to do is join our ever-growing list of awesome people to make new and interesting friends.

Here are some of Spottieā€™s features:

  • Check-in and find other Spottie users in the area
  • Meet new people nearby
  • Get stats as you progress to new levels and earn rewards and points
  • Watch your social network grow as you engage with new friends
  • Personalize your profile, choose an emoji or avatar and change it to fit your mood
  • See what your friends are up too and chat with them
  • Share and upload your pictures
  • Make connections and coordinate plans 

Another great Spottie feature is that you can stay connected using minimal data. This is perfect for those that want to keep their Spottie connection going all the time. 

Unlike the usual socializing and meet-up apps, Spottie is a social networking app that gives people a casual, modern way to find friends and explore new places.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Spottie now. It only takes a minute. Invite players and meet people near you.

Get Spottie. Get Discovered. Get Connected.

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