Apr 2018

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What is Social Discovery

Social discovery has always been a buzzword in the tech industry, luring entrepreneurs and visionaries to the mysterious new idea.  But the fact is social discovery is a concept that has always existed in the form of early dating sites which promoted the idea of meeting and dating new people. Early online attempts to meet people have led to the social discovery revolution that we see today. 

Social discovery can simply be defined as the experience a user gains employing technology through mobile apps to explore areas of interest in real-time.  It could be for giving or reading reviews, shopping, traveling, or to meet people nearby that have related interests. 

For example, Instagram is all about photo sharing but we are also finding the latest trends in fashion, lifestyle, places to hang out and what our friends are up too. Twitter, on the other hand, has its own hashtags and trends that allow you to follow the latest news, events and social interactions. Meanwhile, Facebook was developed to enhance one's social networks and to reach out to friends anywhere.  Now, since it has incorporated features such as check-in and geo-tagging it has significantly boosted the social discovery experience of its users. 

The charm of pure social networking has begun to fade away and it isn’t because people aren’t using social media. On the contrary billions of new users have gotten hooked on them since the mobile app revolution began. The change that’s happening has left people wanting something more out of their conventional social networking experience and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. 

The revolution that is boosting these social networking platforms is pushing the boundaries and looking at new ways to enhance the social media experience.  Our horizons will continue to expand to more than just snapping and posting pictures of friends.  There is a whole world out there to discover.

Social discovery is the driving future of many tech giants to develop the next stage of social networking. Social discovery, the foundation of tech giants like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, has proven to be a powerful draw for the world and as such, has grown profits for these companies. 

Social discovery tools offer a spectrum of experiences. But people have become cautious of their privacy.  So, what does that mean for someone wanting to meet people nearby with shared interests? It means you choose your social app carefully.

Spottie not only seeks to enhance the social discovery experience but also boost social connections with the help of its unique features such as check-in's and QR codes. Spottie helps you meet new people on the go. It is a casual meet up that lets you chat briefly to see if you have more interests to explore.  It may give you a 15-minute chat over coffee with a new acquaintance, or it may lead you to find a friend for life. Either way you are in total control of your visibility to others.

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