What's New?!

Spottie, a New Social Game Application That Encourages Face-to-Face Interaction!

Introducing Spottie's Cover Letter

Ever been in a public setting only to look around and everyone has their heads down, engaging mostly in their mobile devices, seldomly glancing up for just a second? No one is talking to each other, and if they are, they are only half-way paying attention to the conversation and focusing mostly on what’s on the screen instead? What if we could tell you that there was a solution to the lack of social interaction in today’s world? Well…WE CAN!

We have developed an app that will steer us right back to person-to-person socialization! Spottie is an original and exciting social networking application, that was created with the intention of getting players all around the world to interact face-to-face and make genuine, real-life connections on the go! This thrilling interactive game allows users to connect by encouraging them to get up, look for other players, and socialize! With Spottie you select what kind of interactions you want, whether it be socializing, friendship, networking, or more! Before long, Spottie will have our social lives thriving like never before!

After signing in to Spottie, just check-in to your location and hit play to initiate a game!  Then, descriptive hints will appear on your screen every minute, describing the other player. Keep your eyes focused on your surroundings while you eliminate your prospects, making your way to face-to-face interaction with other Spottie players! If you prefer, you also have the option to accept game invites which allow other players the opportunity to find you! Just accept an invite and answer a few questions about your appearance. Once you or the other player is found, both users will earn points after scanning the Spottie QR code. The faster you find the other player, or the other player finds you, the more points you both receive!

If you decide to become friends on Spottie, you will have the option of what information you share with your new friends. Becoming friends gives you the benefit of purchasing profiles, sending gifts to your friends, and much more! Personalized profiles allow you to keep track of stats, check-in history, and even share your favorite photos. If you are interested in staying in contact with players you’ve met, you can use the free, in-app messaging & calling features and you don’t even have to share your phone number or any other private information! Unlike most social games, you have complete control of your privacy! Whether you’re finding or being found, Spottie is the answer to the dwindling social skills of our society!

Spottie was created by Iinsha, LLC, a global mobile applications company based right out of Houston, TX. With multiple applications under development and several other ideas blooming in Iinsha’s background, we are excited to announce the launch of the app that really will, change our future - Spottie! Also, in the 4th quarter of 2018, we will be launching our next interactive app called Yes, No, Maybe So! Iinsha strives to bring people together again with socialization, innovation, and communication.

Contact Information

Name: Iinsha, LLC

phone: +1 (855) 546-7422

email: customerservice@iinshaapps.com

Website: https://www.spottie.com